Death and Mutation of Mother Nature by Chul Hwee Kim

For all our progress and innovation, when you put the natural world in the hands of man we have a very special way of fucking it all up. Kim’s series suggests a fate worse than death for the non-human citizens of the earth: twisted and mutated by our corrosive touch.

Artist: Behance / Website

Obery Nicolas - Fantasmagorik

Mick Minogue - Nyan Cat Ship

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Alterna-Disney Movie Posters by Rowan Stocks-Moore

Rowan is a technical wizard when it comes to redesigning classic covers to books and films, cutting deep to the core of the film in one simplified image. But his revamped images reflect the darkness inherent in the stories that was glossed over with bright colors and happy little people.

Artist: tumblr / twitter (via: tqsmagazine / io9)